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Rates per Day

Single Dog:  $35
Two Dogs in One Pen:  $53 Three Dogs in One Pen:  $64
Single Cat: $16

Charges are based on a 24 hour period.  If you arrive between 8 and noon on check in day, your check out is between 8 and noon.  Your dog is welcome to stay until the afternoon shift, but you will be charged $25 for the first pet and $2 for each additional in the same run.  If you check in during our afternoon hours, your scheduled check out is afternoon. There is no discount for checking out during morning shift. 

Medications:  $2 per day Extra Playtime:  $3 per day
We accept CASH and CHECK payment 


What Should I Bring?

You may bring the whole bag or in individual packages. We prefer to keep your dog on her/his own food to minimize intestinal upset. There will be a $2 daily charge added to boarding if we need to use our food.

Vaccination Records
Bordetella Rabies

Bedding and Toys
If you feel your dog needs something from home, you may bring a bed or toys, however, we do have those  available here for their use.  Please note that we will make every effort to return all items, but sometimes they are lost or destroyed during boarding.